Composing type & image

Check out some examples of various approaches to utilize in combining type and image (in a poster space).

Screenshot 2018-02-21 13.10.04


Directions for sharing recipe design pdfs

By the start of class friday >>, please upload your TWO spread files as separate files.

Do the following:

  1. Delete all element from your master page (even the YOUR NAME HERE, and especially any rule lines or frames on the edge you might have added for trimming).
  2. If you are concerned about the accuracy of your second color/tints, change them to grayscale.
  3. Export each spread as a pdf to exact page size (US Letter or 8.5 x 11) as two separate documents.
  4. Name your files with the name as you want it to appear in the zine as in
    julie_spivey1.pdf and julie_spivey2.pdf
  5. Put each  in the corresponding dropbox folder (“normal” or “experimental”)

Bleeds? tbd.

>> It will take most of the class time to get this together, so if we can’t start putting it together at the bgeinning of class I don’t think we’ll have time to finish.

Research Day & next week

For some research day designing-with-type inspiration, watch this video in which famed Pentagram designer Paula Scher discusses how she approaches using typography as a design element in her (very acclaimed) work.

per calendar: have rough designs for cover and tables of content. (type only)
(pardon all the am/pm errors in the calendar. mostly fixed)
there are a few collections of well-designed tables of contents out there (but be discerning) like this one.
>> 5 of you still haven’t added your recipe title to the doc:.
we’ll figure out our organizational system in class on monday (and if we want to organize recipes via type, for ex.: desserts, main dished, etc. or just alpha order)