Documentation of Final Files

You’ve already turned in your Project 1 Poster pdfs earlier in the semester. I’ve made Dropbox file requests for your other projects, esp. since Animation (wanderlust) and Wayfinding will likely take up lots of space in the shared Dropbox folder. This way it won’t.

Dropbox Requests:


Choice Project:




Fall 17 ARGD courses:

ARGD 4060, Design Center
ARGD 4090, Visual Narrative Systems
Screenshot 2017-04-06 09.50.08

Available ARGD Electives:

Screenshot 2017-04-06 09.50.42Screenshot 2017-04-06 09.50.32Screenshot 2017-04-06 09.50.23

These can count as a replacement for your 3050 Illustration requirement (if applicable) OR count as a general art studio elective.

Suggested Art History: ARHI 3065, Modern Art (most overlap with Design History)
>> Find all Art History course offerings here.

ARGD 4080: Special Problems in Design:  Design Charettes
taught by Cameron Berglund, a professional and recent graduate of CED graduate program and instructor in the UGA CED Community Design Center.
Wednesdays from 1:25–5:30.

Through this course students will work to help establish graphic and branding identities for design problems in life-like and actual client relationships. The course will blend digital design with physical and spatial design to expand the approach to client identity and place-making.  Applying design thinking to local and international service-learning projects will allow for students to gain real-world experience through in class assignments, group projects, and charrette style workshops.

Topics and skills to be covered:

  • Design process/ Initial idea catalyst-ideation
  • Rapid prototyping of ideas/ concepts- presentation skills and dialog with clients and collaborators
  • Placemaking, identity, branding – what is a place/organization and how does that manifest in the design of signage, wayfinding, UX, etc.
  • Digital 3D modeling capabilities for physical UX, signage, and way finding design