Fall 17 ARGD courses:

ARGD 4060, Design Center
ARGD 4090, Visual Narrative Systems
Screenshot 2017-04-06 09.50.08

Available ARGD Electives:

Screenshot 2017-04-06 09.50.42Screenshot 2017-04-06 09.50.32Screenshot 2017-04-06 09.50.23

These can count as a replacement for your 3050 Illustration requirement (if applicable) OR count as a general art studio elective.

Suggested Art History: ARHI 3065, Modern Art (most overlap with Design History)
>> Find all Art History course offerings here.

ARGD 4080: Special Problems in Design:  Design Charettes
taught by Cameron Berglund, a professional and recent graduate of CED graduate program and instructor in the UGA CED Community Design Center.
Wednesdays from 1:25–5:30.

Through this course students will work to help establish graphic and branding identities for design problems in life-like and actual client relationships. The course will blend digital design with physical and spatial design to expand the approach to client identity and place-making.  Applying design thinking to local and international service-learning projects will allow for students to gain real-world experience through in class assignments, group projects, and charrette style workshops.

Topics and skills to be covered:

  • Design process/ Initial idea catalyst-ideation
  • Rapid prototyping of ideas/ concepts- presentation skills and dialog with clients and collaborators
  • Placemaking, identity, branding – what is a place/organization and how does that manifest in the design of signage, wayfinding, UX, etc.
  • Digital 3D modeling capabilities for physical UX, signage, and way finding design

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