Event Poster / Experimental Typography


Type as form & language (or type as both info + design element)
+  Composition & Hierarchy

Design Challenge: design an event poster for this new gallery event.
Design at least four (4) iterations of the poster design by next class meeting.

Step one: Experimental Typography explorations

Using only non-digital materials and given content, design at least four different compositions. You may use anything available in the classroom except a computer. (copy machine, [+ Ricoh], etc)

format: 11 x 17 in. (tabloid) Poster
>> (vertical orientation only) <<

You should design at least four (4) iterations of the poster design by next class meeting.

Keep in mind: How can you give Type Drives Culture some typographic personality? Can you imply some of the meaning of the word in your formal treatment? Also, aim for a solution that is different than anyone else in class.

  • Finish at least two design options by the end of class. Make a/one final clean copy of your fav. by end of class (+ scan to pdf on the Ricoh and upload below by Friday)
  • No additional imagery. Only use the content given and or created during class.
  • One (1) composition must utilize axial alignment and one must use modular or grid alignment system. (pdf of examples shown previous from Typographic Systems by K. Elam)
  • at least one must be off the x/y axis (overall)

step two/Friday:

— Recreate your ‘strongest” (or most experimental) design in InDesign and submit as pdf


  1. Turn in pdf scans of original 4 designs (cut-n-paste) final posters here to this Dropbox (file request). (pdf only) 
  2. Hard copy (copy) of the strongest design // day 1
  3. Turn in step 2 here (Dropbox file request) (pdf only) 
  4. Printed poster options in color (Ricoh)
  5. + Add other hard copies and options to process notebook.


Event Info

Type Drives Culture 2018
March 23   9:00 AM–7:30 PM
sponsored by the Type Directors Club

SVA Theatre
333 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011

The Type Directors Club celebrates and amplifies the undeniable power of typography through this all-day conference event. We are a global community of experts and enthusiasts who are united by the shared belief that type drives culture. And culture drives type.


register here: typedrivesculture.org http://www.tdc.org/event/type-drives-culture