Course Outline & Projects

We will first have ‘typography bootcamp’ over the first few weeks of the term to review and present relevant terminology and concepts related to typography, typesetting and information hierarchy, which includes completion of two relate, applied exercise/projects. Then we will focus on 2–3 more comprehensive projects for the remainder of the semester.

In addition to excellent typography practice, emphasis will be placed on design process and refinement.

There will be a midterm and final exam*.

*Instructor will waive final if the midterm exam is satisfactorily completed.

Components / Projects

This semester outline provides a general plan for the course. Deviations may be necessary but will be announced.

Typography Bootcamp 

Typesetting, fine typography, grid systems and spatial organization, etc.

Exercise(s) 1 : Resumé & typographic identity
Exercise 2:  Recipes/Book
  • review of basics of typographic terminology, typesetting concepts, hierarchy, spacing and grid/organizational systems, etc.
  • readings in Thinking with Type textbook
  • basic publication design, multi-page documents

 Exploring typographic expression: Type as both form & language 

 — Project: Event poster

 Typography Midterm Exam

Typographic Information: terminology, usage, etc. based on lectures, handouts and readings

Design for competition submission (poster/publication):

 — either SPD publication design or AIGA poster, tbd (details forthcoming)

Typography in Digital Spaces

— type on the screen and on the web  (details forthcoming) 
— type in motion  (details forthcoming)
— kinetic typography

Bonus: Lettering Workshop

if time allows

— Lettering Workshop

focusing mainly on informal and freehand script

bring materials: tracing-type paper, basic drawing/sketching materials, black markers/pens both think and thin, ruler

>> Lettering Tips and Resources