Course Outline & Projects

This semester outline provides a general plan for the course. Deviations may be necessary but will be announced.


— Lettering Workshop : bring materials Tuesday

focusing mainly on informal and freehand script

bring: tracing-type paper, basic drawing/sketching materials, black markers/pens both think and thin, ruler

>> Lettering Tips and Resources

Components / Projects

Type as both form & language //  Exploring typographic expression

Experimental Typography Workshop with Cassie Hester:
& Event Poster Design
nec. materials:
—camera or nice smart phone
—art bin: rulers, scissors, cutting mat, x-acto, glue sticks, etc.
Project: Event Poster

Typography in Digital Spaces

— type on the screen and on the web  (details forthcoming) 
— type in motion  (details forthcoming)

Typography in the Built Environment

— Environmental Typography (details forthcoming) 

Choice project:

— Design your own functional typeface using simple tools such as Fontstruct
— Design a typographic identity

 Typography “Exam”

Typographic Information: terminology, usage, etc. based on lectures, handouts and readings

Type “Midterm” (group activity // format to be determined.)