Event Poster / Experimental Typography

Type as form & language (or type as both info + design element)

Design Challenge: design an event poster for this new gallery event, In Conversation

Stop one: Experimental Typography Type workshop with Cassie Hester


type/image/message (pdf) from by Type, Image, Message: A Graphic Design Layout Workshop by Skolos & Wedell

Hierarchy section in Thinking with Type (pp. 132–147)

Event Info

“In Conversation” is a new program at the galleries where we pair two people together and ask them to an engage in a dialogue. For this round, Dodd Professorial Chair, Paul Pfeiffer (certified contemporary art bad-ass) and Craig Drennan, Professor of Painting at Georgia State University, will discuss their mutual love of the 1973 (horror) film, The Exorcist.

This is the first in a new event series offered by the Dodd galleries, so not only are you designing a poster for an event, but need to consider some simply “branding” of rate In Conversation series so that future event posters can follow the same design approach and perhaps use the “in conversation” visual or typographic treatment (can you page the “in conversation mark also being used in social media, or as an icon on the site next to those events?)

format: 18 x 24 in.
color: black plus two colors

Required Elements & Copy :

Event info and copy:

March 22



In Conversation” (some sort of custom typographic/graphic treatment)

OR if you chose prose copy:

Paul Pfeiffer, Dodd Professorial Chair in Art and Craig Drennan, Professor of Painting at Georgia State University engage in a dialogue about their mutual love of the film, The Exorcist.


listed copy:

Paul Pfeiffer, Dodd Professorial Chair in Art
Craig Drennan, Professor of Painting at Georgia State University

discuss the film, The Exorcist


+ new school logo
find print-quality eps in Dropbox folder

UGA and Dodd graphic standards an usage guidelines: lamar-dodd-school-of-art-dodd brand-guidelines uga-brand-guidelines


  1. turn in: final pdf to Dropbox File Request
  2. printed poster (can use large format Epson in the lab) trimmed and hung
  3. process work (connected in some manner…not loose sheets)