Type Exercises


1. Design and submit a résumé considering all the things we’ve discussed in this class in regards to typographic hierarchy, spacing, proper characters and fine typesetting. Focus on both Design + content.

2. Incorporate a personal logotype/identity to include on your resume. It can be clean, simple and straightforward but the only restriction is that the solution cannot be simply re-created with set type (which means it must have a minimum of customization).

See Résumé resources here.

Recipe Design & Zine/Booklet Design

Recipes are a great design/typographic challenge in terms of need for proper information hierarchy and concern for readability since this information get such intense reference.

  1. Bring in your favorite recipe (typed up)

recipe must include:
— list of ingredients (at least 5)
— additional directions
— title

>> Add your name and recipe title to this doc: 

2. Design two different versions/solutions (as spreads): one straightforward with fabulous typesetting and excellent use of the page spate/grad) and one interpretive. Details tbd.
>> 1. page size: 1/2 letter (8.5 x 5.5 in.) // spread size: 8.5 x 11 in.
>> 2. use provided IND file template (in Dropbox)
>> 3. required type: use only the Univers & Adobe Garamond families.
>> 4. deliberate visual cues/indicators for increasing readability of direction/steps
>> 5. all must exhibit clear hierarchy of information & use of an organization system for page composition*

* see layout tips section of your mega-handout

3. Keeping in mind important PROCESS WORK is in the class, generate (and archive) various design iterations of each of the (2) versions, which  should include experiments that are:

—  off the x/y axis (the overall composition)
—  using typography as both form + language
— *different* solutions for  #4 above

3. Design a cover/title page and table of contents* with given content.
>> you can  use these to compile your own copy of our zine, but I may choose from all your designs to pick which to use for our official class design copy,

* use dummy copy/numerals until we have final pagination.

4. We will work together to create a class recipe zine/pub.
……What will name it?…..


Examples of using typography as both form & language:

(both in print and for the web)

Screenshot 2018-01-25 09.39.56

Screenshot 2018-01-25 09.42.20

> from thinking with type site