Type in Digital Spaces

Project 2a:
Design an animated promotional graphic for a Typography conference

TYPO is an international series of design talk//creative conference. TYPO 2017 will be in Berlin in May and the theme is wanderlust.

design challenge:
Design a promotional animation for TYPO Berlin that could be used either on a web site or via email/e-newsletter of social media to promote the event and encourage attendance and/or participation. Use only typographic elements in your design solution.

must include:
TYPO Berlin
25–27 May 2017

format: square, animated loop (5 x 5 inches)

other references:
Type Directors Club Competition site

TYPECON is an annual conference held every year by the Society of Typographic Aficionados. There’s no branding for the Aug. 2017 Boston event yet (but it is customized each year for each location. Here’s some downloadable wall papers from past conferences to give you an idea about approach.)

The motion work of this firm, Playground Paris

Chris Piascik Animation

Project 2b:
Collaborative Animation